Blaze! Spanish Gold

Blaze! Spanish Gold, scheduled for release on October 9, 2017, is the eighteenth novel in the Blaze! Adult Western series published by Rough Edges Press. An action western, with a little spice, about husband and wife gunfighters J. D. and Kate Blaze. J. D. is a hard man with an eye only for his alluring Kate. A woman who knows what she wants and a fine hand with the iron herself.
This is Ben Boulden’s second entry in the series, the first being the well-received Blaze! Red Rock Rampage, which Bill Crider called, “a fine debut…with sharp action and well-observed descriptions.”

Crime Time wrote, “Boulden takes us right into the middle of it, as if we’re watching Frederic Remington filling a canvas with paint while telling us stories.” 

Blaze! Spanish Gold is set in the wilds of Northeastern, Utah where buried treasure draws outlaws by the bushelful: 
The only thing Kate and J.D. Blaze had in mind when they rode into the settlement of Unity, Utah, was celebrating their wedding anniversary. But then J.D. is forced to kill a corrupt deputy in order to save a woman’s life, and suddenly the Old West’s only husband-and-wife gunfighters are plunged into a deadly mystery involving a sinister albino, missing men, and a lost treasure in Spanish gold.
It’s action all the way as critically acclaimed author Ben Boulden returns with another exciting installment in today’s top Adult Western series!
It will be available everywhere as a trade paperback and as an ebook exclusively on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. The Kindle edition is available for preorder now, and the paperback will be available soon.
As a teaser, here is a small sampling of the first chapter:
J.D. Blaze stopped cold at the unusual sound. The night abandoned buildings huddled along the road were made sinister by the moon’s eerie glow. The street cast in whispery shadow.    
The gunfighter palmed the Colt .44-40 in its cross-draw rig, held his breath to listen. A summer breeze whistled across rough-hewn timber; sweetly scented by sage and juniper. Behind him, disappointed miners shouted when their dice went cold. 
J.D. jumped at the miners’ voices, his Colt cleared leather in a single smooth motion. 
He scowled, shook his head and replaced the big revolver in its holster. 
J.D. smiled at the teasing words he imagined Kate would say about his skittishness. When he thought about her, sitting alone in a saloon unfit for anything alive, especially a beautiful woman like Kate, he hustled toward the hotel to complete his task. 
But the sound bounced again.

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