Blaze! Red Rock Rampage

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Blaze! Red Rock Rampage, now available from Rough Edges Press, is the fifteenth novel in the Blaze! Adult Western series. An action western, with a little spice, about husband and wife gunfighters J. D. and Kate Blaze. J. D. is a hard man with an eye only for his alluring Kate. A woman who knows what she wants and a fine hand with the iron herself.

Bill Crider, author of the Sheriff Dan Rhodes novels had this to say about RRR:

“This is a fine debut for Ben Boulden, with sharp action and well-observed descriptions.  I expect his name will become much more familiar to readers as he extends his writing career.”

And Western Fiction Review had some nice words about RRR, too: 

“Ben Boulden’s descriptive writing puts you right there in the thick of the action and his characterization of both good and bad is very well drawn, enabling you to share their emotions…. [T]his fast moving tale that ought to please all fans of westerns.”

Crime Time had some very nice words for RRR, comparing the descriptive scenes to a Frederic Remington painting, which is nothing less than, wow!   
“Let’s not forget landscape, either. It’s here, have no fear. Boulden takes us right into the middle of it, as if we’re watching Frederic Remington filling a canvas with paint while telling us stories.
“I found it damned hard to stop reading long enough to hit the head now and again for that refreshing relief we rarely if ever hear about in the TV commercials. Ben did a fine job with Red Rock Rampage, if you haven't figured that out yet. He did, indeed.”
The 3Cs blog had a few nice words about RRR, too.
“Red Rock Rampage…is 115 pages of twists and turns, surprises and ambushes, and humour and excitement all the way.
I liked the book a lot, as much for Ben Boulden’s narrative style and relentless pace as for J.D. and Kate’s passion for each other and for adventure.
3Cs also conducted an excellent interview.

When J. D. and Kate Blaze ride into the settlement of Small Basin, Utah, on the trail of train robbers they soon discover that the town and the surrounding area are ruled by the iron fist of a renegade Mormon patriarch—and he has his eye on two beautiful young women he intends to make unwilling brides. Hired killers, corrupt lawmen, and brutal kidnappers mean a heap of trouble for the Old West’s only husband-and-wife gunfighters. Forced to split up, Kate and J. D. have to battle their way back to each other to survive!

If you’re still interested I put together a little video where I briefly discuss the novel and then read the first chapter.

Blaze! Red Rock Rampage is available in eBook, exclusively on Amazon’s Kindle, and trade paperback everywhere. If you choose to read it, I hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear from you. 

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Bill Kelly said...

Great job Ben! Folks will be missing a lot if they miss this one!

Ben Boulden said...

Thanks, Bill. You've made me very happy. I hope RRR finds an audience as appreciative as you.