Monday, August 08, 2016

New Book: "Survivors Will Be Shot Again" by Bill Crider

Bill Crider’s latest Sheriff Dan Rhodes mystery, Survivors Will Be Shot Again, is scheduled for release August 9, 2016, which is only a few hours away as I type. It represents the 23rd title in the series and the 30th year of Dan Rhodes in print; the first title, Too Late to Die, was published in 1986. This latest novel and the series as a whole are enormously entertaining. There is always a sharp, well-plotted mystery, humor – in the form of the always eclectic and often eccentric residents of rural-Blackin County, Texas – and the very appealing Sheriff Rhodes.

But don’t take my word for it. Ed Gorman said the following about Survivors Will Be Shot Again:

“Bill Crider writes some the finest traditional mysteries around. He is a first rate plotter who also knows how to pace his material. Such a mixture of mystery, humor and even an occasional horrific moment give his work its unique mastery.”

Do yourself a favor and read a terrific mystery by a great writer. Survivors Will Be Shot Again is available from St. Martin’s Press as both a hardcover and ebook.  


  1. Ben, I'll start with the very first Dan Rhodes novel, "To late to Die," also as part of my own "first novels" reading challenge. I know Bill deserves to be read and it's a shame I haven't yet.

  2. Prashant, I read TOO LATE TO DIE last year preparing for my interview with Bill. It was terrific and in my swiss cheese memory I thought I reviewed it, but when I searched for it nothing came up.