Saturday, March 16, 2013

Good News for Ed Gorman Readers

I have good news for fans of Ed Gorman and his series character Dev Conrad.  Severn House has scheduled the release of the fourth novel in the Dev Conrad series.  It is titled Flashpoint, and the release date is August 1, 2013.  The cover art looks great and the description at Amazon is even better:

“Political Consultant Devlin Conrad had the feeling that his very married client Senator Robert Logan was a lot more involved with the beautiful and mysterious Tracy Cabot than he wanted to admit. But he learned too late that the Cabot woman was a spy working for a shadowy right-wing organization – too late because by then she'd been found murdered in Senator Logan’s fishing cabin, and the police are certain that he killed her. But Conrad finds numerous suspects in the Senator's mansion and in the somewhat comic but dangerous figure of political saboteur Howie Ruskin. He must find the real killer if he is to win the election for a client whose vanity and arrogance make him right at home in the United States Senate.”
The Conrad novels are really quite good, and each of the first three is better than its predecessor.  And judging by the description of Flashpoint I suspect this trend will continue.  The first three titles are: Sleeping Dogs, Stranglehold, and Blindside.

I reviewed Sleeping Dogs in 2008 here, and Stranglehold more recently here.