Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Book Reviews--Harriet Klausner Style

I stumbled across a great little blog dedicated to the book reviews of Harriet Klausner. It's not a fan site, but instead the blog is "dedicated to exposing the untenable fraud being perpetrated on the public by this reviewer's false and misleading reviews," and furthermore to, "save the book readers of the world from future torment at the sake of her poorly written, grammatically incorrect reviews."

The site is hilarious. They have a few examples of Klausner-style reviews, and are actually hosting a competition for the best Klausneresque book review. The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to The blog really is funny.

Go Here to be transported quickly and mysteriously to there.

I also did a search on Google, and I came up with a few other articles about Klausner--a very complimentary piece in Time, and a confusing mess in Wired. According to the Time article Harriet Klausner has published a whopping 12,896 reviews on, and she receives fifty or so books from publishers and authors per week--she actually reads four to six per day. Wow.

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