Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dean Koontz Podcasts

I’m a massive nerd. I’ve been snooping around the Internet the last few days trying to find more than my five or six daily stops—I hit the same sites over and over again and then wonder why I’m bored with the Internet. There is so much out there and some of it is worth visiting and reading, or watching, or listening, or whatever.

And now the nerd part. I discovered that Dean Koontz does a podcast. The podcasts are posted sporadically, but when he is posting, about one per week appears. There are a total of 26 podcasts; the first from June 19, 2006 and the most recent from June 23, 2008. Each of them have a defined subject. The latest two are about the Book of Counted Sorrows—a book of poetry Dean wrote and used portions of as epigraphs in many of his novels. The opening is humorous and describes the mail Dean has received about Book of Counted Sorrows, most of the mail from librarians who have spent an amazing amount of time searching for this, until recently, unpublished title for patrons. He also reads part of the book. It’s pretty cool.

There are also a sundry of other interesting subjects that are told with humor, humility, and a very entertaining style. A few of the subjects include a meeting with author Ed Gorman, a few of Dean’s experiences with editors, publishers and readers, and several that deal with his own work. These podcasts are fun and interesting, and you should check them out.

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