Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Slow Down and a Retool

A quick post to let everyone know that Gravetapping is going to slow down a little over the next few weeks. It's not going to stop, but there will be fewer posts. If everything remains constant it will drop from its current rate of three posts per week to two posts.

The reason? I'm busy. A good sort of busy, but busy none the less.

I also plan to retool a little. While there will be fewer posts, my hope is that the quality of the posts will rise. My plans (very tentative at the moment) are to focus on reviews, coming book releases, and films and television; particularly cinema that was written-by or based on the work of novel and short story writers from any and all eras and genres.

I'm also thinking about starting a regular interview section. The plan, again very tentative, one quality and in depth interview every other month or so. I haven't contacted any writers yet, but if I can get the time and interest I would love to do some interviews.

If you are interested in an interview please send an email to: Also, it may be several weeks from the time of request to the actual interview because I will want to familiarize myself with the work of the interviewee.

Until next time, keep reading.


Cullen Gallagher said...

These sound like exciting changes. Looking forward to the interviews, in particular.

Tosser said...

Just turn the blog over to Pete. Who knows what fascinating things he'll write about.

Ben Boulden said...

Cullen. Thanks. I did several interviews for the now defunct Saddlebums and really enjoyed it. I'm excited to try a few more.

Tosser. Who do you think is writing this thing? That dumb monkey Ben?;)

But seriously--or not--the problem with Pete is his two main interests are birds and shiny things.