Saturday, July 14, 2012

Free for Nook and Kindle

Tyrus Books is offering the classic Robert Ward novel Red Baker free for both Nook and Kindle.  Today, July 14, 2012, is the final day.  It includes an introduction by Daniel Woodrell, and it received a starred review from Booklist.  The description at B&N reads:  
“When Red Baker, a Larmel steel worker in Baltimore, Maryland, gets laid off from his job he goes crazy: boozing, attempted philandering, running away from his future. Filled with unforgettable characters from Red’s angry but loyal wife, Wanda; his basketball-star son, Ace; his lifelong friend Dog, a casualty of the layoff; and Crystal, the go-go dancer at Lily’s bar who embodies Red’s fantasies of escape. Red Baker is a classic American novel about a man with no identity who tries to replace the one he’s lost.
“Set in the world of the hard-working men of the steel mills, this acclaimed work tells the story of an unemployed steelworker who drinks, nearly loses his wife, and decides to come back fighting.”
The Nook edition is here and the Kindle edition is here.

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