Tuesday, March 04, 2014

New Sam McCain Novel: Riders on the Storm

There is good news on the private eye front.  Ed Gormans new Sam McCain novel is scheduled for release October 15, 2014.  It is titled Riders on the Storm, which is a Doors song, and based solely on the title (and rock band who made it famous), it may be a little darker than the previous McCain titles.  The publisher is Pegasus.  The description at Amazon (slightly edited because it seemingly has a spoiler) reads:

Veteran Steve Donovan brutally belittles and finally savagely beats his old friend Will Cullen when Cullen announces he's joined the anti-war group. 

When Cullen is found murdered, the obvious suspect is Steve Donovan, but Sam has serious doubts about the mans guilt.  At least three people had reasons to murder Cullen, and Sam begins to suspect hell discover even more as his investigation heats up,in this dynamic new politically charged novel by a veteran of the form.

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