Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thrift Shop Book Covers: "The Stars Like Dust"

The Stars Like Dust was originally published by Doubleday & Company as a hardcover in 1951. The edition that caught my attention was a mass market reprint published by Lancer 1968. The cover features what appears to be a happy star maker—shimmering red and blue stars cascading from his hands and a smile on his face. A horsehead nebula in the background. The artists: Kelly Freas.

The opening sentence:

“The bedroom murmured to itself gently. It was almost below the limits of hearing—an irregular little sound, yet quite unmistakable, and quite deadly.”

The Stars Like Dust was serialized as “Tyrann” by Galaxy. I’ve read Galaxy’s editor, H. L. Gold, who was notorious for changing story titles, changed the title to “Tyrann”, Mr. Asimov’s preferred title was used on its first book appearance. 

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