Friday, February 16, 2007

Mark T. Sullivan

Several years ago a favorite bookseller recommended The Purification Ceremony by Mark T. Sullivan. I read it, and loved it. It's haunting scenes of ancient depravity, and its alluring and well defined mystery have stayed with me since. This past week I--finally!--picked up another of his novels, Ghost Dance, and it reminds me very much of The Purification Ceremony. Don't get me wrong--they are both very different novels. The stories are unique, but the style, power and atmosphere are very similar. I'm about halfway through Ghost Dance, and I'm already thinking about which Sullivan novel I want to read next. He's written seven, and all of them sound great.

In my search I stumbled across his website, and he has written an intimate portrait of four of his novels: how they were written, why he wrote them, etc. His website, just as his fiction, is well worth the read. He hasn't released a new novel in nearly four years, and I hope he has something new in the works. Although it's not too bad to have five of his novels waiting out there for me to find; and a bunch of dusty old bookstores hiding them for me.

One Sullivan title sounded particularly good to me--The Labyrinth. It's a mystery involving cavers and adventure, and it sounds damn cool. Hell, anything that takes place underground has to be cool. Right?

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