Friday, April 06, 2007

A DIET OF TREACLE by Lawrence Block

I have been critical of HCC and a few of its reprints--I want new stuff. A few of the reprinted titles just don't have the zing of the original titles. Think The Confession, Kiss Her Goodbye, and Dutch Uncle. Those were hardass, cool as hell titles that not only entertained, but made me feel something. A few of the older titles--say Donald Hamilton's Night Walker--felt dated and limp.

Where is all this going? Well, HCC just announced they are going to reprint an old Lawrence Block title. Oy! But really I don't mind this reprint at all. In fact, I'm nothing but happy HCC is releasing A Diet of Treacle. The other Block titles released by HCC have been nothing but great. And if the cover art is anything to judge it by, A Diet of Treacle will be awesome.

But if Charles Ardai, or anyone else with a little pull over at Hard Case Crime is reading this--publish more original titles! We deserve them.
A Diet of Treacle will be released January, 2008. A long wait, but very likely worth it.

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