Tuesday, June 05, 2007

JOHN RAMBO--News of the latest Rambo film

David Morrell has some news about the film Rambo IV—firstly, it is currently titled John Rambo; secondly, the production company wants nothing to do with David Morrell; and thirdly, there is a three-minute trailer floating around the Internet.

Firstly, the title sucks—but it is better than the lame Rambo IV. And maybe the title itself bodes well for the film—the best film of the first three was First Blood (not Rambo I, II, or III), and as a teenager I loved it. I must have watched First Blood five or six times—the first night my neighbor rented it from the video store. Then maybe (probably?) a few more times over the next few days.

I wish I could say that I didn’t like the second and third, but—ahem—I did. And it would also be downright dumb of me to make the claim that I won’t see the fourth film, because I will. I’m a sucker for an action flick. Good or bad. I should also mention that Morrell wrote the novelization for the final two films, and they were pretty good—they developed Rambo’s character much more than the films, and they were—to put it bluntly—much more entertaining than the movies.

Secondly, David Morrell has spoken before about his exile from the project; a situation he is seemingly not very happy with. Today on his website he said:

As I said in an earlier edition of this page, the producers of the current Rambo film have gone out of their way to keep me at a distance from the project. That doesn't make sense to me--to alienate the creator of the character--but sometimes the movie business is far from logical.
Click Here to read David Morrell’s entire comment on the new Rambo film.
Click Here to go to the IMDB page for John Rambo

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