Monday, August 13, 2007

New Rat Pack Mystery by Robert Randisi

While I was doing some research for an interview a few weeks ago I ran across the cover art for Robert J. Randisi's second novel in his very entertaining Rat Pack series. The title: Luck Be a Lady, Don't Die. It's scheduled for release December 2007.

The first Rat Pack mystery, Everybody Kills Somebody Sometime, is a terrifically entertaining and very well written mystery that gives life to the Las Vegas of the 1960s--it follows the Rat Pack, as they begin shooting the film Ocean's Eleven, through the eyes of Eddie Gianelli. Gianelli is a pit boss at the Sands, and when Frank Sinatra asks him for a favor, Eddie can't turn him down even if he wanted to, and that's exactly what he would do if he could.

It doesn't take long for the bodies to start piling up, and Giannelli is in for much more than he signed on. This is one of Randisi's better novels in the past few years, and I enjoyed it a whole lot. Needless to say I can't wait until Luck Be a lady, Don't Die is released. It doesn't hurt that the cover art is pretty cool in its own right.


Anonymous said...

Ben, Thanks for the kind words about the Rat Pack books. I am VERY happy with the covers, and love writing the books and spending some time with Dino, Frank, Sammy and the rest. The first one did well, so I suppose the Rat Pack is still cool.


Jeff Konrei Minde said...

Dear Robert:

I noticed a distinct similarity between your covers for the RAT PACK MYSTERIES and Penguin's recent re-releases of the Bond novels. Same cover artist?

The Rat Pack IS still cool. Thanks for bringing back a lost era.

Jeff M.