Wednesday, April 02, 2008

New Jack Ketchum Novel: OLD FLAMES

I have good news. Jack Ketchum has a new novel coming out from Leisure Books this May. It's title: Old Flames. And it looks like an original novel, not a reprint of one of Ketchum's earlier titles. Although I'm not certain. I've read all the Jack Ketchum novels I've been able to find, but there are a few I've had no luck with, so while the synopsis doesn't sound familiar it very well could be one of the two or three older Ketchum titles I've never laid eyes on. Either way, it sounds like vintage Jack Ketchum horror; the kind that feels real, like it not only could happen, but does happen every day.
The description over at the Dorchester website reads:

Burned again. Men never treated Dora well. This latest cheated on her and dumped her. The last decent guy she knew was her old high school boyfriend, Jim. He'd said that he loved her. Maybe he did. So with the help of the Old Flames Agency, Dora's found him again. Turns out he's married with two kids. But Dora isn't about to let that stand in her way...

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