Friday, April 04, 2008

Book Trailer: Savage Night by Allan Guthrie

I’ve been passively—very passively!—scouting the Internet for book trailers and today I found one. It’s for Allan Guthrie’s latest novel Savage Night; you may remember him from such slam-bang modern noirs as Kiss Her Goodbye and Hard Man. And this trailer makes Savage Night look like a must read.

The narration is in a thick Edinburgh accent so you may have to watch it twice—the first time to get an ear for it, and the second time purely for fun. Heck, watch it three times. I did.

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ruthie said...

Until a week or so ago I'd never even considered the idea that someone might make a video trailer to sell a book. This is the second one I've seen since then. The first was at Dan Ronco's site for his newest release if you want to have a look.