Monday, February 23, 2009

Short Film: "The Long Silence After"

I ran across a film adaptation of a an Ed Gorman short story: "The Long Silence After". I haven't read the short story and I'm not sure if it has been collected and if so where it was collected. I checked the few Ed Gorman collections I have with no luck.

The film is good. I read on Gorman's blog it was produced by film students. It runs about eight minutes and it's a diversion well worth the time.


Anonymous said...

The Long Silence After is available in Vol.II Of The Collected Ed Gorman, "The Moving Coffin" from PS Publishing Ltd.
Also available at
Terry Butler

Andre Shane said...

Thanks for the kind words on the film. I was the DP and we're all very happy about how it turned out. We're premiering on March 9.
A. Shane

Kara Boulden said...
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Ben Boulden said...

Terry: Thanks for the information. I really have a good time with the short work of Ed Gorman. His novels are pretty great too. I need to bite the bullet and lay down the money for the Collected editions published by PS.

Andre: I really enjoyed the film and I'm glad that it's based on an Ed Gorman story. I think Hollywood should take a closer look at some of the high quality plots and stories being produced by genre writers and do something with them. Just think, a Nameless detective television series, or maybe Sam McCain in living Technicolor.