Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Trio of Charles Bronson Trailers

I'm not sure if I want to publicly admit this, but I've been on a Charles Bronson kick the last few months. I've watched a few of his films and really enjoyed each. I love his tough guy persona--it's so far over the top, but somehow, someway he always pulls it off. And with not more than a snicker or two. But I am pretty damn forgiving.

I looked at Bronson's IMDB list and he had an impressive number of credits. He started on television in 1949--was this the first season of TV ever?--as a guest star on something called "Fireside Theater". He then worked steadily until the late 1990s. He is best known for his tough guy roles in the late-1970s and 1980s, specifically the Death Wish films.

My favorite Bronson film--if you take out the large cast The Great Escape--is the western film Breakheart Pass, but I have fond memories of his Eighties roles; they all sort of blend together, but...I remember liking them. Although, how can help from liking the old vigilante / revenge tales of the 1980s?

Here are some of the trailers of the better Bronson films I've watched over the last couple months. Enjoy. And, be careful with the trailer for 10 to Midnight because there is a very brief flash of nudity at the beginning.

10 to Midnight

The Mechanic -- we watched this one last weekend, and if you watch closely (okay, you don't have to watch that closely) you'll notice a very young Jan-Michael Vincent. I saw this guy on an interview a few months ago and he looked like he is 900 years old. He does a pretty good job in this film.

The Evil That Men Do

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