Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Four James Garner Movies I Didn't Know Existed

I've been watching James Garner--mostly on television--for a decade or more and while I was cruising the Internet I bumped into four titles--with trailers currently available--that I was unfamiliar with. It's probably no coincidence that these were all released before I was born.

1970. A Man Called Sledge. This is James Garner Spaghetti Western. It also starred Dennis Weaver and it was directed by Vic Morrow. It really looks pretty great.

1966. Marlowe is based on Raymond Chandler's novel The Little Sister. James Garner plays the legendary Philip Marlowe in a less than conventional manner. I'm still not convinced this is Jim Rockford.

1960. Cash McCall. This appears to be a romantic comedy. It was based on a novel by Cameron Hawley and it co-stars a young Natalie Wood.

1959. Up Periscope. This film was based on a novel written by Robb White and it stars James "Maverick" Garner. It looks great.


James Reasoner said...

Seen and enjoyed 'em all, especially MARLOWE.

RJR said...

Ditto. Enjoyed Marlowe quite a bit. You can follow a lot of the dialogue directly from the book, especially some of the Garner/Carrol O'Connor scenes.


Suzanne said...

Yep, I saw all of 'em when they were first released. I've been a James Garner fan for a LONG time.

I enjoyed all of them too. In MARLOW, you can foresee the Rockford character. In fact, some of the dialog in the movie is in a Rockford episode: "Does your mother know what you do for a living?" Funny both times.

Bruce said...

you forgot to mention that Bruce Lee steals Marlowe in that one scene.