Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Quintet of Donald E. Westlake Trailers

1967. Point Blank. A film based on The Hunter--a Parker novel--published as by Richard Stark.

1968. The Split. This is another Parker film, this one is based on the novel The Seventh.

1972. The Hot Rock. This is a Dortmunder adaptation.

1974. Bank Shot.

1999. Payback. This is another adaptation of The Hunter.

Question: Why does Hollywood think it is necessary to change Parker's name every time out?


Bruce said...

Because Westlake always made that part of a contract in any adaptation. He never wanted an official version of Parker on film

Ben Boulden said...

Now that is interesting Bruce. Thanks.

Craig Clarke said...

And smart, too. The way I understand it, once a studio makes a movie of your character, they own the movie rights to that character for a long time, whether or not they decide to make another movie.