Friday, March 04, 2016

No Comment: "Winesburg, Ohio - 'Sophistication'"

“In Winesburg the crowded day had run itself out into the long night of late fall. Farm houses jogged away along lonely country roads pulling their portion of weary people. Clerks began to bring samples of goods in off the sidewalks and lock the doors of stores. In the Opera House a crowd had gathered to see a show and further down Main Street the fiddlers, their instruments tuned, sweated and worked to keep the feet of youth flying over a dance floor.”

—Sherwood Anderson, Winesburg, Ohio: “Sophistication”. Library of America, 2012. Page 176.

[No Comment is a series of posts featuring passages that caught my attention. It may be the idea, the texture, or the presence that grabbed my eye. There is no analysis provided, and it invariably is out of context.]


Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Ben, that passage is like poetry nudging prose out of the way. Thanks for sharing it.

Ben Boulden said...

I love the Winesburg, Ohio stories. I read them every few years and I find something new each time.