Merrick is a cracker of a Western story  
–Prashant Trikannad, editor 3Cs blog
When hes called in as a late-replacement for a payroll heist Merricks first inclination is greed. His second is hesitation, since anyone who claims a job is easy is a liar, but this job has been planned by an old partner, Clarence Tilley, who has masterminded more than a few successful heists.

Boulden’s writing style is crisp and cinematic. His characters are colorful [the] action scenes are vivid. [T]he story had more of the flavor of a Spaghetti Western than a standard Western novel — a flavor I liked a lot.  
–Bob Deis, editor of The Men’s Adventure Magazines Blog
A four man job with a $15,000 payout. Merrick’s share would keep him in whiskey and satin for a year. But it may also get him killed.

The old-west universe…is as fascinating as the propulsive plot… It’s an old-west we haven’t seen before… and it re-writes the rules in the same way the John Wick movies did with contemporary organized crime. 

–Paperback Warrior

The prose memorably terse ‘The sun a blister in the western sky’ and blackly poetic - the eyes of a dying man ‘stared into a darkness Merrick could only imagine.’ And crackling with wit: Someone ‘whittled a crooked stick into a smaller crooked stick.’ 
–Andrew McBride, author of The Peacemaker

Merrick does what needs to be done to settle things as best as can be done in the hard scrabble West. Like his novel, Blaze: Red Rock Rampage, the short story, Merrick, is highly recommended. 
–Kevin Tipple, critic and author of Mind Slices
“Merrick” is a 25 page short story marking the beginning for an outlaw, but nowhere near his end.

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