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“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.”

Carl Sagan

I’m a trained accountant that has made a career as an auditor – documented support is required for everything – with a beautiful wife and wonderful daughter. A dog and a cat wander the house, too. We live in the Green Mountains of Central Vermont, where I’m slipping into middle age with a style all my own. A style consisting of tears, angst, and good times.
      I’ve been reading and writing since I was old enough to turn the page and hold a pencil. My reading has been more successful than my writing, but I’m making a little progress every day. My debut novel, Blaze! Red Rock Rampage [see it on Amazon], the fifteenth title in the Blaze! Adult Western series and its sequel, sort of, Blaze! Spanish Gold [see it on Amazon], were released in 2017 from Rough Edges Press.
      Since then, I’ve had a few short stories hit the streets, too:

“Merrick” – a hybrid crime and western caper story [45-70 Press, 2017; Six Gun Justice: Western Stories, 2021] See it on Amazon

“A Calculated Risk” – a dark slice resembling noir [Down & Out: The Magazine, Vol 1, Iss. 2, 2017] See it on Amazon

“No Chips, No Bonus” – a Jimmy Ford crime tale [Paul Bishop Presents…Pattern of Behavior, Wolfpack, 2019]

“Awake” – a crime tale [Paul Bishop Presents…Criminal Tendencies, Wolfpack, 2019]

“Junkyard” – a Jimmy Ford crime tale [Paul Bishop Presents…Bandit Territory, Wolfpack, 2019]

“Reprobate” – a western tale [Gravetapping, 2019] Read at Gravetapping

“121” – a Jimmy Ford crime tale [Down & Out: The Magazine, Vol 2, Iss. 1, 2019] See it on Amazon

“Asia Divine” – a crime tale [Bullets and Other Hurting Things: A Tribute to Bill Crider, Down & Out, 2021] See it on Amazon

My non-fiction writing tends toward books and criticism, but recently I’ve been exploring popular history, too. I’ve written the “Short & Sweet: Short Stories Considered” column for Mystery Scene Magazine since 2016, and also – in every issue since Fall 2015 – review mystery, crime, and thriller novels for its august pages. I’ve contributed a trio of featured articles for Mystery Scene, too:

“Garry Disher: An Interview” [Online exclusive, 2017] Read at Mystery Scene

“Hey Rube! The Mystery is at the Carnival” [No. 160, Summer 2019] Read at Mystery Scene

“Hometown Heroes: Private Eyes in Small-town America” [No. 164, Summer 2020]

My essays, “Reading Ed Gorman”, “Easy to Read: A Story of Rick Ollerman”“Lionel White: The Caper King”, and “The Name is Day Keene” were published in the Stark House Press editions of The Autumn Dead / The Night Remembers by Ed Gorman [2014], Truth Always Kills by Rick Ollerman [2015], Coffin for a Hood / Operation—Murder by Lionel White [2019], and Mrs. Homicide / Naked Fury / Murder on the Side by Day Keene [2024], respectively. Another essay, Mojo’s Magic, appeared in Wolfpack’s 2020 edition of Stephen Mertz’s story collection, The King of Horror and Other Stories, and Polygamists, Outlaws & Mormons: The Crime and Western Tales of Gary Stewart, was included in Brash Books’s editions of The Tenth Virgin and The Zarahemla Vision by Gary Stewart.

      My critical analysis of the work of the popular multi-genre novelist, Jack M. Bickham, Killers, Crooks & Spies: Jack Bickham’s Fiction, was published by 45-70 Press in April 2021 [see it on Amazon] and Vintage Lists has released five of my entry-level reading guides as part of its Vintage Lists Presents line-up:

The Complete Jack Higgins [Vintage Lists, May 2021] See it on Amazon

The Complete Alistair MacLean [Vintage Lists, June 2021] See it on Amazon

The Complete John Farris [Vintage Lists, July 2021] See it on Amazon

The Complete Hammond Innes [Vintage Lists, October 2021] See it on Amazon

The Complete Desmond Bagley [Vintage Lists, October 2021] See it on Amazon

Contact me at zulu1611@yahoo.com

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