Thursday, January 11, 2007

David Beckham Signs with the Los Angeles Galaxy

You probably don't give a ratchet, but the world's most recognizable soccer player--midfielder David Beckham--has signed a multi-year contract to finish his career in MLS. Los Angeles, to be exact. This is exciting for not only Galaxy fans, but fans of U.S. soccer in general. This is--by far--the largest acquisition for a Major League Soccer franchise, and helps the league in multple ways: 1) just think of the cool marketing this will give the league (people who know nothing about soccer knows the name Beckham); 2) the league just got a truck load of hand delivered credibility; and 3) Damn, I get to see Beckham play here in Salt Lake next season, and more than once.

Okay, so he was in town last August with Real Madrid for a warm-up, but next summer he'll be here for real--I only hope Real Salt Lake with their top-notch front-line can kick the crud out of him and the Galaxy.

Welcome to MLS Mr. Beckham. We're glad to have you.

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