Monday, January 08, 2007

An SFReader Review You May Have Missed--Chasing the Roswell Alien

Last semester was a serious wanker, and as you know I got lazy with the blog, and so there were a few reviews I published with SFReader, but neglected to tell you folks about. Over the next week or so I'll get them online and let you scan a look, or you can always just go to SFReader and take a gander.

The first was a humorous, well-plotted novel about the alleged crash at Roswell, New Mexico written by Glenn Marcel titled Chasing the Roswell Alien. It is everything a story should be: funny, eerie, and dead on the mark. The author is a nephew to Jesse Marcel--the Roswell intelligence officer who broke the story in the early-Eighties--and the story has the feel of an insider. I highly recommend it. Go Here to read the review.

I recently read Marcel's Chasing Elvis for SFReader, and while it wasn't quite as good as Roswell it was a hoot--the opening scene finds Elvis--five years after his death--robbing a bank; a job he is more than just ill-fitted for. I'll let you know when the review hits the ether.

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