Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mack Bolan Website

I stumbled across a pretty cool website this afternoon while I was avoiding a textbook--Operations Management. Oy! It really is as boring as it sounds. Anyway, I found a great site dedicated to The Executioner series created by Don Pendleton. I read these books voraciously as a teenager, and while I haven't read one in a few years, this site made me think I should pull one off the bookshelf.

They have a complete listing of titles and authors for The Mack Bolan related lines--Able Team, Phoenix Force, Super Bolan, etc. They even have a rating system set up where readers can rate and review their favorite titles--as of now, Doom Prophecy written by Douglas P. Wojtowicz and Eternal Triangle written by Mike Newton are in the lead with a respectful 9.73 rating. Cool.

Plus, now I know who really wrote that sucker! Super cool.

The site: MackBolan.com
Or, go Here to click straight through.


skaramine said...

W00T! One of my babies and me mentioned by name!

About Cafe24 said...

Mack Bolan! We love you! <3 <3 <3