Friday, March 02, 2007

David Morrell Interview at ITW

In the spirit of joyous celebration--David Morrell's newest novel Scavenger (check out the British Edition artwork to the right) will be released March 12. No less than ten days away. Heck, Amazon and have it in stock even as I type. But I digress--so, as I was the spirit of joyous celebration I have found, and linked to a terrific little interview David Morrell did for the International Thriller Writers' webzine, The Big Thrill. While the interview isn't long, Morrell does speak about Scavenger, his writing career, how he researches, and writing in general. It's well worth the read.

This is just a little nugget of what he said about Scavenger:

The primary emotion of CREEPERS is the claustrophobia of the hotel whereas SCAVENGER emphasizes agoraphobia and the overwhelming expanse of a mysterious valley with a sky so wide that the characters feel small and vulnerable.

Go Here to read the interview

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