Monday, March 26, 2007

The New Destroyer

Good news on The Destroyer front. I found the Amazon listng for the new improved version of the old series. They have a new publisher--from Gold Eagle to TOR--and Warren Murphy is back in charge of what happens, when it happens and how it happens.
There have been rumbles among the fans about the last several (maybe a dozen or so) titles--apperantly they took Remo places he shouldn't have been--and Murphy plans to fix that. How? Pretending those particular novels never happened.
Guardian Angel is the first title in The New Destroyer, and is expected to hit bookstores May 1. TOR also plans to release some of the better of the older titles in trade paperback, three to a book.
I haven't read a Destroyer title since I was a teenager. I can even remember the where and the when. Early Nineties on the shore of a beautiful lake in the Uinta Mountains. Damn if I can remember the title, or even what it was about, other than the expected Remo ass-kickings and the always present sly humor. Great trip. Great book? Maybe. Just can't quite remember.
Hmmm. Time to try another? Or maybe just dust of the old Fred Ward Remo Williams VHS? Did I just admit I liked the movie? Damn. Sorry.

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