Friday, May 01, 2009

Desmond Bagley News

I have more proof that the Internet is a very small place. I received an interesting email about a week ago from Desmond Bagley's sister-in-law and she told me a few things about Mr Bagley and also that several of his novels are being re-released in England in 2-books-in-1 format.

The most interesting thing she told me, and if I had read the Wikipedia post about Bagley I would have already known, is that his final two novels--Night of Error and Juggernaut--were left unfinished at his death in 1982 and both were finished by his wife. She declined the publishers offer of a ghost writer, and she really did a great job. I read Night of Error in the early-1990s and I enjoyed it. It's too bad she didn't choose to write a few more titles on her own. She obviously had the knack for it.

There is also an informative website about Desmond Bagley online. Click Here

To read my obvious fanboy post about Desmond Bagley click Here.


Bruce said...

Those look really nice, to bad I have six of those books already in the old editions. Having read Running Blind (Awesome) and The Freedom Trap (Awesomer!).

The Enemy has been in my TBR pile for way to long of a time.

Of course they are not coming over to the US so will just still peruse my local used stores for any I'm missing.

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