Monday, October 09, 2017

Available Now: Blaze! Spanish Gold

It is release day for my latest book, Blaze! Spanish Gold. The eighteenth installment in the always entertaining Adult Western series Blaze!—created by Stephen Mertz and published by Rough Edges Press—finds J.D. and Kate in a bunch of trouble as they attempt to celebrate their wedding anniversary in the fictional Northeastern Utah town of Unity.
The publisher’s description of Blaze! Spanish Gold is apt, and one phrase made me smile—thinking of sinister albino—and want to read the book again myself:

“The only thing Kate and J.D. Blaze had in mind when they rode into the settlement of Unity, Utah, was celebrating their wedding anniversary. But then J.D. is forced to kill a corrupt deputy in order to save a woman’s life, and suddenly the Old West’s only husband-and-wife gunfighters are plunged into a deadly mystery involving a sinister albino, missing men, and a lost treasure in Spanish gold.
“It’s action all the way as critically acclaimed author Ben Boulden returns with another exciting installment in today’s top Adult Western series!”
I’m fond of this one, as I am all my work, and if you choose to spend a little time with Kate and J.D., I hope you find it as pleasant as I did while I wrote Spanish Gold. And if you do read it, I would love to hear from you and I hope you'll leave a glowing review at Amazon, or Goodreads, or anywhere else. 
Blaze! Spanish Gold is available as an ebook exclusively through Amazon Kindle—free for Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscribers—and trade paperback pretty much everywhere: Amazon, B&N, Book Depository (for those international fans of Blaze!) and many other online markets.

And while I’m plugging myself without shame, my first Blaze! novel, Red Rock Rampage, is available for a limited at the unbeatable price of $0.99 for your Kindle device. You can get a little more information about Red Rock Rampage here, or click the link below for its Amazon listing.

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