Monday, April 23, 2018

Thrift Shop Book Covers: "Listening Woman"

Listening Woman, by Tony Hillerman, was published as a hardcover in 1978 by Harper & Row. The edition that caught my eye is the mass market paperback published by Avon. The cover art has an appealing desert feel, which is appropriate to the novel’s setting. And who can resist a a helicopter and bundles of greenbacks? The artist: Unknown (to me at least)

The first sentence:
The southwest wind picked up turbulence around the San Francisco Peaks, howled across the emptiness of the Moenkopi plateau, and made a thousand strange sounds in windows of the old Hopi villages at Shongopovi and Second Mesa.


J.P. Choquette said...

Love this series, "Thrift Shop Book Covers." As a not-so-frequently-as-I'd-like thrift shopper, it makes me smile. I have to admit though: I'll frequently not pick up a book because of it's dated cover. Do you have any criteria about "vintage" books like this?

Ben Boulden said...

Thanks, J.P. Treasure hunting for books at thrift shops and used bookstores is one of the real pleasures in my life. My main criteria for purchasing vintage books is condition. The better the condition, the more likely I'll purchase the book. My other main criteria is I only purchase books, no matter how wonderful the cover is, I want to read.

My least favorite cover style are the books published in the 1970s with photographic models on the covers. Every so often I find a photographic cover I like, but usually they seem so staged I skip them in hopes of finding the book with an illustrated cover.


J.P. Choquette said...

Your criteria makes perfect sense to me, Ben. Happy thrifting! :)