Wednesday, September 03, 2008


A few months ago I mentioned David Morrell has a new novel scheduled for release October 28 titled The Spy Who Came for Christmas. I have some updated cover art, and a little more information from David Morrell's website. It really sounds pretty good. What follows is Morrell's description of The Spy Who Came for read it all click Here

The action occurs in a snow storm on Christmas Eve as a wounded spy holds a precious object under his parka and tries to escape from three very dangerous men who chase him along a street filled with holiday revelers. Bleeding, the spy seeks refuge in a house that he thinks is deserted, only to discover that it is occupied by a woman and a twelve-year-old boy, to whom he fears that he has brought death.

As the men outside prepare to attack the house, we learn why the spy has the baby and why his pursuers will stop at nothing to get their hands on the child. We also learn about the remarkable bond that forms between the spy, the woman, and the twelve-year-old boy. There's plenty of suspense, but there's also a moving theme about family and redemption

The US edition cover art has changed from the ARC cover I posted earlier [click Here]--the background color has changed from red to blue. It gives it a colder and gloomier feel, more like winter. I like it. The British version is pretty cool too. I like the bloody trail the gentleman is following through the snow. In fact, the British version might be better...maybe.

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