Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Book Trailer: THE DUMA KEY by Stephen King

It’s been awhile since I’ve found a good book trailer; probably more that I haven’t been looking all that hard and less that there aren’t any out there. I’ve been eyeing Stephen King’s latest paperback the last few days and I found a book trailer for it over at YouTube. It looks great.

Now I just need to read the book.


Anonymous said...

I admit, I've seen this book around, everywhere really, and only had a medium desire to read it. Don't know why, I've read several of King's novels and really enjoyed them all. Maybe it's because this novel takes place in Florida and I'm used to King's novels taking place in Maine, Florida just doesn't feel right somehow. I'm now embarrassed because this trailer made me want to run out and find a copy of "Duma Key" and read it this minute. I guess I must be part of the target audience the creators of this trailer had in mind because I'm sold. I'm going to go hide in shame for awhile, then go find this book.

Ben Boulden said...

I've read that THE DUMA KEY is a return to his early horror style for King. His last few have been something a little different. I'm interested in reading it, but as always with King's writing, its length inimidates me.

Anonymous said...

Nice trailer, even better book. King's best in quite a while. Don't worry about the length. Just get started. It's really, really tough to put down.

Ben Boulden said...

Michael. I really don't know why I ever worry about the length of a Stephen King novel. Most are huge, and I never have a problem getting into and finishing the story. It's looking at the thickness before I start and calculating how many Hard Case Crime novels I could read in the same span. But his work absolutely rocks.

I need to go get a copy THE DUMA KEY and read it. Heck, it is almost the weekend. I have time.