Saturday, January 17, 2009


A personal update is needed here to explain that posts, while hopefully no less frequent, are going to be a little less predictable. At least as far as when they are posted. I started graduate school Jan 5. I have two classes along with a fulltime job. I’m busy, but so far not outrageously busy.

I try to get three posts up per week. The key word here—as you’ve probably noticed—is try. This isn’t going to change. I still plan on three posts per week and hopefully at least one a review of either a short story or novel. The others will range from films to anything else that catches my fancy.

So come back often, and hopefully there will be something new. And to dangle a carrot, I’m hoping to get a review of Warren Murphy’s Shamus Award winning novel The Ceiling of Hell posted this weekend sometime.

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