Friday, October 03, 2008

The Covers of Sam McCain

I've always had a fondness for book cover art and I love to see the different editions of the same novel. I've been collecting the various covers of Alistair MacLean since I was twelve; unfortunately most of my collection was lost when I moved to the East Coast several years ago. And then when I moved back West a few more disappeared.

It's not a rare event for me to jump on Amazon's UK website to take a look at the various British artwork of my favorite authors, and that's exactly what I did this morning. I found the cover art for all of Ed Gorman's wonderful Sam McCain novels, less two--the first in the series The Day the Music Died published in 1998 and the most recent Fools Rush In published in 2007; to read the Gravetapping review click Here.

So I thought I would run comparison of the artwork used by his American publisher and his British publisher. The titles are in order of publication date and every one of them is worthy of reading at least once. But I would recommend you give each at least two reads. You won't regret a page of it.

The U.S. Edition is on the left.

Wake Up Little Susie (1999)

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Save the Last Dance for Me (2000)

Everybody's Somebody's Fool (2003)

Breaking Up is Hard to Do (2004)

P.S. There is a rumor Ed has a contract for an eighth Sam McCain novel. The release date is sometime in 2009.

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