Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Four Brian Garfield Trailers

I went over to YouTube hoping to find a trailer for the film version of Brian Garfield's Hopscotch. Unfortunately I came up empty, but I did find trailers for a few other Garfield adaptations.

The most widely known is Death Wish, a film that spawned four sequels and epitomizes the 1980s vigilante film. Although it--the original or any of its sequels--didn't capture the essence or greatness of the novel. In fact, I've read that Mr Garfield didn't like the film much, but it is probably the project he is best known for. And I have to admit I like Charles Bronson.

Alas. Here they should also be noted that Death Wish is being remade by Sylvester Stallone with an expected release date of 2010.

1974. Death Wish

1987. The Stepfather

2007. Death Sentence

2009. The Stepfather

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