Monday, July 13, 2009

ACE Double Western Titles of Brian Garfield

I've been getting back into the work of Brian Garfield over the past few weeks and I'm amazed at how broad his body of work is; amazed and happy, because it means I have bunches of great reading ahead. Garfield is best known for his suspense novels and Westerns, particularly his later Westerns--those written in the 1970s. But he wrote a bunch of Westerns for the ACE Double line in the 1960s. The first was published in 1961, which, if my math is correct, made him 21 or 22 years old when it hit print.

He wrote twelve Westerns (at least that is the number of titles I can find) that were published by ACE in the 1960s and 1970s under four different names--Brian Garfield, Brian Wynne Garfield, Brian Wynne, and Frank Wynne. The titles are listed below. Most of the titles were also republished in the 1970s by ACE.

Justice at Spanish Flat (abridged) by Brian Garfield w/ The Gun from Nowhere by Tom West (1961)

Massacre Basin as by Frank Wynne w/ The Badge Shooters by Clement Hardin (1962)

The Big Snow as by Frank Wynne w/Triggering Texan by Tom West (1963)

Trail Drive by Brian Garfield w/ Trouble at Gunsight by Louis Trimble (1964)

Mr. Sixgun as by Brian Wynne w/ The Wolf Slayer by William E. Vance (1964)

Lynch Law Canyon as by Frank Wynne w/ Stampede on Farway Pass by Stephen Payne (1965)

The Night it Rained Bullets as by Brian Wynne w/ Nemesis of Circle A by Reese Sullivan (1965)

Call Me Hazard as by Frank Wynne w/ The Rincon Trap by Dean Owens (1966)

The Wolf Pack as by Frank Wynne w/ Gunfight at Laramie by Lee Hoffman (1966)

The Lusty Breed as by Frank Wynne w/ The Siege at Gunhammer by John L. Shelley (1967)

Badge for a Bad Man as by Brian Wynne w/ Devil's Butte by Ray Hogan (1967)

Gunslick Territory as by Brian Wynne w/ Loner with a Gun by John Callahan (1973) It has come to my attention that Brian Garfield didn't write Gunslick Territory, but rather it was written by Dean Own. Apparently it was written after Garfield left ACE and the Jeremy Six series behind him. He sued ACE and won. However, according the Mystery File website, there were at least two printings of the novel.

If anyone knows of additional ACE titles written by Mr Garfield, please either shoot me an email, or post it as a comment.

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Ed Gorman said...

And all of them are good to great reads. Brian is a wily, gifted storyteller.