Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cavalry Man: Doom Weapon by Ed Gorman

I have good news for all the Ed Gorman readers out there. His next Cavalry Man novel is slated for release July 31.

The title: Cavalry Man: Doom Weapon

The publisher's description, in part:

When hard-living, hard-drinking federal agent Arnold Grieves came to Junction City, he saw a town overflowing with vice—the kind of place where an unscrupulous lawman could feed his twisted hungers and make a serious killing. Now the old Grieves is gone and the new one's hell-bent on getting rich . . . by selling a doomsday weapon to evil men who are not reluctant to use it. Click Here to read the full description.
Needless to say Noah Ford--reformed alcoholic and philosopher--is sent in to do something about it, and, I'm sure, he will find more than his share of trouble.

If you have never read an Ed Gorman western you are in for a treat--his westerns are less than traditional. They have the feel of a good mystery that just happens to be set in the late-1800s with a backdrop of brothels, Sheriffs, blacksmiths, horses, saloons and wagons. They are westerns that will appeal to a much wider audience--urbanites, women, as well as the traditional baby-boomer males.

I really enjoyed the first two titles in the Cavalry Man series, and my guess is Doom Weapon will be a great addition. Ed Gorman has always been a reliable storyteller.

To read the review I wrote for the last Cavalry Man novel--Powder Keg--click Here.

A note on finding this title: The last two Cavalry Man novels have been abundant in grocery stores and super markets, but hard to find in bookstores. Hopefully this one will be as easy to find--and the price, at $5.99, is oh so right.

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