Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hard Case Crime Double

Cool news from Hard Case Crime: They have just released the artwork and titles for their much anticipated—by me, at least—“Double.” This style goes back to the old ACE Doubles, which featured two short novels back-to-back with a separate cover for each story. ACE published mysteries, westerns and science fiction; their science fiction line was the most popular, and today is the easiest to come by, with westerns a close second, and mysteries a very distant third.

The titles for the new HCC Double are both Robert Bloch novels—it would be cooler if they had two different writers, but still Bloch is a pretty kick ass choice—and the artwork is, as usual, top-notch.

The titles: Shooting Star and Spiderweb.

The cover artists: Arthur Saydum and Larry Schwinger .

HCC says the titles have been out-of-print for fifty years—who am I to argue—and the descriptions on their website make the novels sound pretty cool.

Unfortunately we have to wait until April 2008 for its release.

Click Here to go to the Hard Case Crime promotion page for a description and a sample chapter their first Double novel.

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ErinPaperbackstash said...

I'm really excited about this - I've always loved Robert Bloch!